Come and join us for a walk through the history. Back to the days when we started manufacturing and supplying gloves for everyone that needs reliable protection at work and for those who just want comfort in the winter. The company MIRO was founded in 1990 by Ladislav Koumar, who wanted to continue the long tradition of knitted glove manufacturing. He chose Borová near Polička, where gloves have been manufactured since 1948, for the company headquarters. At that time, machines were transported there from the closed plant in the neighbouring village of Oldříš. And ever since, only knitted gloves have been manufactured there.

In 1949, the plant in Borová was taken over by the state- owned enterprise MODETA, which was one of the largest textile manufacturers in Czechoslovakia. MODETA associated 12 plants and had over 4,000 employees. At that time, the plant in Borová was designated 06, and 160 people worked there.


After 1989, state-owned glove manufacturing ended, and the company MIRO was founded soon afterwards. It continued the long-established manufacturing tradition. The political situation at the time created a need to change technology and product range. During the thirty years of MIRO’s history, we have invested in machinery, technology and development. In the years 1990-2000, we renewed the machine park, replaced Russian-made knitting machines with modern Japanese-made machines, and were able to increase our production efficiency and capacity.

We also wanted to expand our product range so that we could offer our customers the best quality products possible, given the trends and current needs. We started manufacturing mainly cut resistant gloves, which were based on the development and patent for non- cutting yarn. It was started by Mr. Ladislav Koumar in the nineteen eighties, and its objective was successfully achieved. It was thanks to him that the first non-cutting gloves in the Czech Republic saw the light of day. To this day, they have been sold under the name Bivoj. This development stage ended with the company production capacity reaching around one million pairs of gloves per year.

Today, our company can be found in the village of Borová near Polička. We have our headquarters and production facilities there. For us, the location in the heart of the Czech Republic and Europe means an advantageous position for supply logistics to all parts of the continent, especially to the European Union member states.


MIRO’s progress continued. In 2001, we built a new knitted gloves manufacturing hall, mainly due to capacities for which the original manufacturing halls were no longer sufficient. We also expanded storage spaces, because with larger production came the need to buy more raw materials.

In the years 2001-2006, we gradually bought more machines, our production capacity doubled, and thus we expanded the glove manufacturing possibilities using new technologies. For example, in 2005 we bought a Japanese machine that allowed us to manufacture gloves with PVC non-slip fabric. During that time, we also carried out extensive research and the development of new yarns. One of the most important collaborations was our collaboration with DuPont, and we launched Kevlar® gloves onto the market. At the same time, the development of our own non-cutting yarns was carried out using new materials and technologies. In 2006, we launched gloves from these yarns onto the market under the AntiCut® and Sharpking® brands. A new sewing facility was also set up in the company, enabling to sew leather on knitted gloves.


Because we wanted to know the possibilities of material that allows all professionals to work safely, we expanded our research in the field of yarns in 2007-2012. We used all our knowledge to this end, and super-resistant yarn was created, from which we designed manufactured under the Panzerhand® brand.

Our machinery was also renewed and expanded, with older machines gradually replaced with new ones. As a result, the company’s overall capacity has increased to around three million pairs of knitted gloves per year. During all periods, we also invested in testing and certification of all types of gloves.

Thus a small laboratory was set up, equipped with a cut testing machine according to EN388, especially for the development of new types of gloves and for quality control of those we already manufacture. The purchase of the latest Japanese glove making machines also allowed us to return to the manufacturing of quality winter gloves. We came up with wool and cashmere gloves by anatomical shaping of "Superanatomic" gloves, which are adapted to the real shape of the hand (the thumb is placed towards the palm and the little finger is lower than the other fingers).

We want to be a responsible company as best as we can. That is why, for example, we have installed a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of our new warehouse, which corresponds to our consumption.

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