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Gloves belong to the winter just like hot tea, snow-capped mountains and icicles on the roof. But even in the winter we need different types of gloves. Do you know that we can distinguish three types of cold weather, and manufacture gloves according to them? With us, you will be prepared for every type of cold weather. Depending on your profession, what you want to do and where you live. Because we know that they make a difference.

Gloves for your winter walks through the city

Take a beautiful winter walk through the city. To the markets for a glass of tasty mulled wine and chocolate, walk around the square and see the flashing lights hanging in the windows. Temperatures around 0°C is not severe frost, but even during such a city walk it is usually cold and in a while your fingers are numb with cold. Mulled wine can keep you warm, but when you warm your cold hands in gloves, you feel even more comfortable.

Such gloves, which are suitable for this cold weather, keep your hands warm. With these gloves, you can also choose small gifts at the city market. You can wear them when going to work or running an errand. Thanks to them, you’d feel comfortable and wouldn’t feel like leaving this winter beauty and going home.

Winter errands require warmer gloves

With a temperature around -5°C you can feel really cold. We’d rather postpone a walk at such lower temperature until the time it goes up, and we go outside only when we are driven by duties. But there are people of some professions that enjoy staying outside even in winter. When we look out the window, we can surely see couriers delivering packages, postmen pulling a cart with letters, or those who have left Christmas shopping to the last minute.

Those who didn’t put on really warm gloves warm their frozen hands up with warm breath and hurry back to the warmth as quickly as possible. Conversely, those who are wrapped in warm gloves, scarves and hats can enjoy the time spent outside in the winter time.

And what about staying outside all day?

Another type of cold weather is the real one we all know from fairy tales and winter postcards. And some of us can see it from the windows every year. Glittering snow covers the whole horizon, everything is white and the frost reaches deep to the bottom of rivers and ponds. But even in such cold weather there are those who have to fulfil their professional obligations and go outside even in the worst frosts. In the forest, we can happen to meet hunters looking around their hunting grounds, replenishing animal feed and guarding the holy peace that the winter forest abounds in. And because they stay outside all day, warm woolen gloves are just as important for them as hiking boots and binoculars, which they use to explore the entire forest.

A little further on in the ski resort, we can come across people eager with anticipation for the whole year, looking forward to putting their ski boots on and going down a groomed ski slope. When staying on the slope all day long, snow can get behind the neck, and those less able have a lot of falls, fortunately into the soft snow. If skiers went up the slope without their woolen gloves on, they’d certainly not be saved even by the warm tea they enjoy after a few rides down at the bistro. Fortunately, everyone on the slope is wearing insulated gloves that snow just can’t soak that easily.

We need gloves regardless of the weather

As you can see, no matter where we are in the winter, whether we play sports, go for a walk or work outside, gloves are indispensable for us. And when choosing them, we must also pay attention to the purpose they will serve us. Gloves for city walks have different properties than those designed for the ski slope. That is why we have prepared gloves for all types of weather for you. For us, proper production, development, and bearing in mind that cold weather should not catch up with you even in the winter are a matter of course.

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