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There are snowdrifts in the snowy forest, it is freezing cold, but hunters have to go out. “František, what sort of gloves are you wearing?”

“I bought a pair of winter gloves for temperatures of up to minus twenty degrees according to an advert, but still they’re good for nothing. Don’t tell me your knitted gloves can keep you warm.”

“Well, you’d be surprised. These are no ordinary knitted gloves, Vašek. They are made of pure wool. They’re beautifully strong and, in addition, they can keep their shape exactly according to my hand. So I won’t even lend them to you, but I’ll tell you where to buy them, and you won’t regret it.”

For hunters


For children and adults

  • Main advantages of woolen gloves
    • Natural material without chemical treatment
    • Adaptability to the shape of the hand, when worn for a long time, the glove retains its shape according to the hand of the wearer
    • Good moisture insulation
    • Hygroscopy - wool insulates well against the cold, even when wet
    • Warmth - dry heat

    The robust woolen knitted fabric of these gloves is modified and compacted using a special technology to increase its thermal insulation performance and resistance to penetration of cold wind and loose snow. At the same time, the glove remains breathable from the inside and thus prevents excessive sweating of the palms, thus preventing the creation of an environment for the multiplication of bacteria on the skin, which further strengthens the natural antibacterial properties of sheep wool.

    Schoeller pure wool yarn used, from which these gloves are made, meets the world’s strictest Swiss environmental standard bluesign.

  • Special properties

    Superanatomic™ – unlike standard gloves on the market, our glove is designed and manufactured with regard to the real anatomical shape of the human hand. The thumb is shaped anatomically towards the palm of the glove, which does not create “folds” and the glove properly encloses the hand. Another adjustment is for the little finger – the little finger is placed on the hand a little lower than the other fingers, our glove takes this anatomical element into account, and the little finger is placed lower on the glove than the other fingers.

    Brush treatment  the glove is combed inside with very fine natural brushes, this treatment multiplies the wearing comfort and protection against cold.

  • Suitable maintenance method
    • Wash the gloves by hand by squeezing in a detergent bath at a maximum temperature of 30-40°C. 
    • After washing, rinse them several times in clean lukewarm water. 
    • Drain the gloves gently by squeezing – without twisting. 
    • Spread the wet gloves on a flat surface, carefully level them in their original shape, and allow them to dry slowly.
    • It is not recommended to wash the gloves in the washing machine, wool is sensitive to the temperature and washing programme used, the gloves may become felted (high drum speed, long washing and rinsing time in the washing machine etc.), or they may shrink (the use of wrong temperature or washing time in the washing machine). We strongly recommend the above method of maintenance, gloves that will be washed by other methods cannot be claimed.
  • Sizes

    Usual sizes: 

    XS – gloves for children under 6
    S, M – smaller and larger gloves for children under 14
    S, M – smaller women’s, and standard women’s gloves
    M, L, XL – smaller men’s, standard men’s, and larger men’s gloves

    The gloves are factory shaped using the Superanatomic™ technology; when choosing the right size, they will fit and enclose the hand perfectly. However, not all hands are 100% the same, so another advantage of wool is its adaptability, after the first wear it remembers the shape of the wearer’s hand. Some of our customers also use the “wet hand method” – when wearing gloves for the first time, they moisten their hands before putting them on – moisture gets into wool, which absorbs it and acquires its shape faster.
  • Available colours
    • Natur 
    • Dark Night
    • Winter Red
    • Blue Denim
    • Hubertus Green
    • Silver Grey
    • Sandy Beige

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