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It might not be a coincidence that glove manufacturing can be found in one of the coldest areas of our republic. Our company is located in the region of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands nicknamed “Bohemian Siberia”. It is cold there, and the word “cold” means the period when it is necessary to put the heating on at home, from September to May. The summer as people are generally used to, with temperatures of around 30 degrees, or rather spells of warm weather, usually lasts for about fourteen days there. That’s why we can test our gloves perfectly. Winters are harsh and long there, we have plenty of snow, but the hills are small, so the area is a cross-country skiing paradise.

The village of Borová, where the company is located, is surrounded by deep forests and if you like cooler weather and beautiful countryside, you should visit us.

The company MIRO was founded on October 1, 1990. The company premises are located in the village of Borová near the town of Polička, in the direction of Hlinsko in Bohemia.

Miro Gloves

Our gloves have a wide range of uses not only as a fashion accessory to keep one warm, but above all as a protective aid for many specialist jobs.

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