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Our gloves are manufactured and certified in accordance with EN standards. In the following lines, we would like to provide you with information on the classification of our products and on the marking of products according to the relevant standards.


  • EN 420:2003+A1:2009 – Protective gloves. General requirements
  • EN 388:2016 – Protective gloves against mechanical risks
  • EN 407:2004 – Protective gloves against thermal risks (heat and/or fire)
  • EN 511:2006 – Protective gloves against cold
  • EN ISO 13997 – Determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects
  • EN 1149-5, EN – 61340-5-1 – Protective clothing - electrostatic properties
  • EN ISO 20743 – Detection of antibacterial effect of antibacterial products

PICTOGRAMS EN388:2016, EN407:2004 AND EN511:2006

The numbers below the individual pictograms indicate the level of protection of the
gloves according to the above-mentioned standards. The following applies to the
Protection level 1 = minimum requirement, 4 - 5 = highest level

Protection against mechanical risks EN388:2016:

  • Position No. 1 – Abrasion resistance (1-4) Position No. 2 – Resistance to cutting (1-5)
  • Position No. 3 – Resistance to further tearing (1-4) 
  • Position No. 4 – Puncture resistance (1-4) 
  • Position No. 5 – Resistance to cutting TDM test (A-F)

Protection against thermal risks EN407:2004:

  • Position No. 1 – Burning behaviour (1-4) 
  • Position No. 2 – Contact heat (1-4) 
  • Position No. 3 – Conventional heat (1-4) 
  • Position No. 4 – Radiant heat (1-4)
  • Position No. 5 – Small splashes of molten metal (1-4) 
  • Position No. 6 – Large amount of molten metal (1-4)

Protection against cold EN511:2006:

  • Position No. 1 – Resistance to conventional cold (0-4) 
  • Position No. 2 – Resistance to contact cold (0-4) 
  • Position No. 3 – Water permeability (0-1)

An X instead of a number means that the gloves have not been tested for the relevant risk.


This glove can be ordered with PVC non-slip fabric.

This glove can also be ordered in a version with the palm reinforced with split leather.

This glove can also be ordered in a version with an extended hem.

It is possible to order a sleeve version.

This glove can also be ordered in a fingerless version.

Gloves marked in this way can be used for contact with food.

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