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antiCUT® Defender

The flexible sleeve made of Twaron® (Aramid) and polyethylene 50/50% serves as protection of the forearms against blade cuts (class 4 according to EN 388). Using HPPE fibre, the sleeve acquires better protective properties against mechanical risks (blade fall).

Variants: the sleeve is made of various lengths of 10 cm, 20 cm, 35 cm, 55 cm etc., or at the customer’s request.

The sleeve can be complemented with a thumb hole and/or Velcro fastening.

Comparison of values according to EN 388

Abrasion resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting:Class 4 (max. 5)
Resistance to further tearing:Class 3 (max. 4)
Puncture resistance:Class X (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting TDM test:Class C (max. F)

Comparison of values according to EN 407

Thermal contact resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)