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Design variants


Glove sizes are distinguished by the colour of the hemming:



The gloves are made of TWARON® (Aramid). They are made of rougher knitted fabric – thick yarn (4x Twaron®). The gloves achieve class 5 values according to EN 388 in terms of resistance to blade cuts (the highest class is 5). Twaron® fibre is 5 times stronger than steel with the same weight, and is used for the production of bulletproof vests, extremely stressed automotive parts, in the aerospace industry etc. Depending on the design, Twaron® gloves are 6-7 times more resistant to cutting than leather products. Gloves made of this fibre can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C for a long time, and up to 700°C for a short time. They are highly resistant to tearing, burning and contact heat. Twaron® is a registered trademark of the company Teijin Aramid.

Comparison of values according to EN 388

Abrasion resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting:Class 5 (max. 5)
Resistance to further tearing:Class 4 (max. 4)
Puncture resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting TDM test:Class E (max. F)


Comparison of values according EN 407

Thermal contact resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)

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