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Design variants


Glove sizes are distinguished by the colour of the hemming:

SharpKing® HYDRA

The glove is made of a specially produced mixture of polyamide and glass fibres. Due to the rougher construction, it is also suitable for rougher work -handling sheet metal, handling building materials etc.

The glove is available in various designs:

SLEEVE – the sleeve version mainly protects the forearms against the risks of cutting, scratches or abrasions. It can be made of the length according to customer specifications, or there are standard lengths of 8 cm, 25 cm, 35 cm, 45 cm and 55 cm available. You can choose a version with a thumb hole and without a thumb hole. The sleeve can be complemented with Velcro fastener, for better comfort.

The glove achieves the highest values according to EN 388

Abrasion resistance:Class 4 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting:Class 4 (max. 5)
Resistance to further tearing:Class 4 (max. 4)
Puncture resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting TDM test:Class D (max. F)

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