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The mittens are made of two lengths - 30 cm and 40 cm.

antiHEAT® Pražák

Protective mittens with an outer layer made up of Twaron® fibre (Aramid), and the inner layer containing a looped cotton liner. The mittens serve as protection against contact heat of 250°C. In practice, this means that an object with a temperature of 250°C can be held in the glove longer than 15 seconds. In addition, these gloves also guarantee high resistance to cutting.

 Comparison of values according to EN 388

Abrasion resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting:Class 5 (max. 5)
Resistance to further tearing:Class 4 (max. 4)
Puncture resistance:Class X (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting TDM test:Class C (max. F)


Comparison of values according EN 407

Burning behavior:Class 3 (max. 4)
Thermal contact resistance:Class 2 (max. 4)
Conventional heat resistance:Class 4 (max. 4)
Radiant heat resistance:Class X (max. 4)
Small splashes of molten metal:Class 3 (max. 4)
Large amount of molten metal:Class X (max. 4)

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