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Glove sizes are distinguished by the colour of the hemming:


Panzerhand® S1

This glove is a lighter version of the Panzerhand M2 gloves. It is a softer, but highly durable glove. When working, it allows for greater tactile sensitivity. It is suitable wherever there is a risk of injury from sharp edges or blades and, at the same time, it is necessary to work with smaller objects (e.g. on an assembly line). The gloves are also used in the food industry, especially for meat cutting.

Comparison of values according to EN 388

Abrasion resistance:Class 3 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting:Class 5 (max. 5)
Resistance to further tearing:Class 4 (max. 4)
Puncture resistance:Class 2 (max. 4)
Resistance to cutting TDM test:Class F (max. F)

Comparison of values according to EN 407

Thermal contact resistance:Class 1 (max. 4)

The glove complies with EN ISO 13997 for surface cutting and achieves excellent results of 60.0 s (Newton). For comparison, 22 Newton is a value corresponding to class 5 according to EN 388.

The gloves comply with the requirements of Regulation 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. This is evidenced by the relevant certificate.

The gloves do not contain glass fibres, which break when working with and may remain in processed food!

Varianta Silvernite
The antibacterial version of the Panzerhand S1 gloves contains fibres made by nanotechnology, enriched with silver ions. Silver has an antibacterial effect, and this treatment is permanent. According to EN ISO 20743, the gloves reach the “Red Level”, i.e. they are still antibacterial even after 50 washing cycles. This treatment is highly suitable for work in the food industry.

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